Baze Library

Welcome to Baze University Library, the repository of human knowledge, where you can conductively learn to live. Baze University Library collection is designed to support your study, learning, research, and leisure. It is well stocked and well-equipped with current books and journals that has given the University a competitive edge among equals. It is the responsibility of the University Library to select, acquire, process, organize, disseminate, and preserve relevant materials to support the Curricula, and the programmes accredited by the National Universities’ Commission. Similarly, the Library ensures it creates a favourable environment conducive for learning, teaching, research, and leisure. In order to succeed in a standard-quality setting like Baze University, you must determine to apply yourself seriously to your studies and use wisely, the enormous Library resources assembled to facilitate your education here at Baze University. The Library staff will assist you to locate, select and obtain the germane Information you need to enhance your studies.

Baze University Library resources wholly support Baze University Vision and Mission to establish and maintain a most suitable academic environment for imparting knowledge to modernize Nigeria and the world at large. Please take maximum advantage of the Library, to develop your intellect. Again, welcome to Baze University, the citadel of knowledge where you will learn to live.