Loan Privileges by Type and Categories

Library rules and regulations are meant to ensure orderliness, good conduct and proper handling of reading materials within the Library and beyond. Therefore, please note and observe the following:

  • Leave your bags, suitcases, umbrellas outside the Library or in your locker.
  • Smoking, drinking and eating is not allowed in the Library.
  • Mobile phones must be set to ‘silent mode’ and no phone calls in the library.
  • Leave all the Library materials consulted on the tables for professional shelving
  • Noise making or Chatting is prohibited in the Library
  • No Congregating in and around the reading areas
  • No marking/tracing or any damage/theft/mutilation of library materials & furniture
  • No use of matches, fire, naked light or any inflammable item, razor blade, scissors, knife, or any sharp objects in the Library
  • No use of mobile phones, re-chargeable lanterns, flash cameras, musical instruments, or any electrical appliances in the Library. Such items shall be confiscated followed by necessary disciplinary sanctions.
  • No re–shelving or hiding of Library materials by users
  • No reservation of seat(s) either for oneself of for others
  • No playing with electrical items/equipment installed in the Library
  • Please respect the rights and privileges of others and be nice
  • The Library is not responsible for personal items lost, stolen, or damaged within the Library premises.